Basic Workout

Basic Workout


Chair Squat: Standing directly in front of a chair, slowly squat down onto the edge of the chair.  From here raise arms in front of body and slowly come to a standing position. Repeat (Gluteus/Quadriceps/Hamstring)

Seated Leg Extension: Seated on a chair, both feet flat on the floor, extend one leg out parallel to the ground, slowly bringing leg back to the ground. Switch legs. A progression to this exercise would be the addition of ankle weights. (Quadriceps)

Step-ups:  Start with a low step around 4 inches.   Practice stepping up onto the step, and back down to the floor.  A progression to this exercise would be the use of a higher step. (Gluteus/Quadriceps/Hamstring/Calf)

Standing Leg Curl: Standing, holding onto the back of a chair for support.  Slowly lift one foot towards thigh and slowly return to the floor. Switch legs.  A progression to this exercise would be the addition of ankle weights. (Hamstring)

Lying Leg Lift:  Lying down on back.  Slowly lift one straight leg up 6-12 inches from the mat, and slowly bring leg back down towards the mat. A progression to this exercise would be the addition of ankle weights. (Hip flexors)

Curl and Press:  Seated and holding dumbbells, palms facing forward, elbows at sides, curls weight towards shoulders rotate wrist and press arms straight up overhead. (Biceps, Shoulders)

Lateral Raise: Seated holding light dumbbells in hands, palms facing body, slowly lift arms perpendicular to body to shoulder height and slowly bring arms back to body. (Shoulders)

Tricep Kickback:  Seated and slightly bent over holding a dumbbell in one hand.  Pull arm up leading with a bent elbow so that the weight is at your side.  Extend at elbow and straighten arm back.  Slowly return to the bent arm position. Repeat. (Tricep)

Modified Ab Crunch: Seated on the edge of a chair, keeping a straight back.  Cross arms at chest and slowly lean back until your shoulders taps the back of the chair.  Using your stomach muscles return to the starting position. (Abs)

Superman: Lay on stomach, arms extended over head.  Slowly lift right arm and left leg off of the ground.  Return to start position, and lift left arm and right leg.  Repeat. (Back)


Ab Curl:  Lying on back with legs up on chair or ball.  Place hands gently behind head and lift shoulder blades off of the mat using your abdominal muscles.

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