How safe are supplements

Of course all of this is rather subjective, considering the type of supplement, dosage, heck even the name brand can be an effect. Regulations can be an effect too.... on both sides of the coin.

Many non-regulated items can be more ffective, much more potent than the regulated types. But again, depends on a variety of factors.

An interesting read nonetheless


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Comments (2)

  1. willsblog

    Just as in life, there are liars and con artists who would prey on the gullible. There are supplements that are effective and there are supplements that are worthless. A Pharmacist can be a great help IF you talk with the right one. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA so pretty much, anything goes. Be very cautious of dosage, a good thing can become a bad thing if too much is taken! Remember that ANYTHING foreign that one puts into your body can harm or benefit health so just because somethings says “Healthy”, “Low Fat”, “Low Sugar”, or “Organic” does NOT mean that it is. It may only mean that it passes the government test for what is considered “Healthy”, “Low Fat”, “Low Sugar”, or “Organic”. Do you really want to rely on government for what it claims?

    December 29, 2015
    1. knights68

      The government and their claims are available for the highest bidder. Just like most anything else. I worked in Clinical Trials for 7 years and learned this! And you are right on the money, there are liars and cons in every profession… just as many gullible people to but into it too. Which explains alot about this country, businesses and well, the world in general I suppose. Not that this is something that has occurred recently or affects only a political party, race or sex or age frame or anything else. Everyone has the equal opportunity to be equally scammed.

      December 29, 2015